Le vignoble ChampenoisIf you want to visit the vineyards of Epernay sector, several places are available to you :

  • Epernay, ville
  • Vallée de la marne
  • Côte des Blancs
  • Coteaux Sud
  • Brie des Etangs
  • Montagne de Reims

All possibilities for tours or tastings are visible on the site of Epernay tourist office.


Le Marches de ReimsThese markets are held from 5am to 13h April 1 to September 30; and from 6 am to 13h from 1 October to 31 March.

Each market to its charm and none leave you indifferent.

The markets falling on a public holiday are maintained, except those that fall to the Saints at Christmas day New Year, which are deleted unless it is a Saturday or a Sunday.

Day Nom of Market Address
1 Monday Saint-Thomas Place Saint-Thomas
2 Tuesday Saint-Maurice Place et rue Saint-Maurice
3 Jean Moulin Place Jean-Moulin
4 Croix du Sud Avenue Léon Blum (Parking face arrêt Tram)
5 Wednesday Châtillons Parking Georges-Hodin
5 Halles du Boulingrin Rues de Mars, Henri IV et Grosse Ecritoire
6 Thursday Carteret Boulevard Carteret
7 Luton Place Luton
8 Friday Wilson Boulevard Wilson
5 Halles du Boulingrin Rues de Mars, Henri IV et Grosse Ecritoire
9 Saturday Croix-Rouge Rue Pierre-Taittinger (parking municipal)
10 Boulingrin Rues de Mars, Henri IV et Grosse Ecritoire
(Halles du Boulingrin à partir de septembre 2012)
11 Sunday Jean Jaurès Avenue Jean-Jaurès
12 Sainte-Anne Rue de Louvois

You can find the 1st Sunday of each month, the Puces de Reims to the Boulingrin Halles.

For more information : Mayor of Reims
Tél. : 03 26 77 74 98 (from 14h to 16h30)


La Cave aux CoquillagesImagine: there are 45 million years, Champagne was a tropical beach, surveyed by Campaniles giganteum, giant snails over 40 cm long !

Discover the world of paleontology and the richness of a unique fossil site. Enter La Cave aux Shells!


Our house is open from 15 April to 15 November, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday from 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm.


From April 15 to November 15

Departures guided tours of the winery Shells: Thursday afternoon at 14:30 and 17:30 16h

Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am, 14:30, and 17:30 16h

From November 16 to April 14 or any other time by appointment

Any paleontologist is above all passionate about excavations in true expert, he investigates the past of our Earth with much patience and meticulousness. These findings are of scientific interest: the fauna encountered and their conditions of fossilization say a lot about our history.

To delve into this rich discoveries investigation, La Cave aux Shells created placeholders for the search, the release, restoration and study fossils. You will be able to participate in all phases of real paleontological search …

Researchers around the world are interested in the fossil tufa Damery that enriched many collections. More than 300 species have been recorded. Sieved and sorted the sand reveals a rich and diverse microfauna. La Cave aux Shells was able to provide a rich collection of fossils recognized as a reference collection!


Salon de Germann ReimsEnjoy this beautiful space for dancers: The Degermann Salons


A history closely linked to that of Reims and Champagne. A prestige undoubtedly due to the large parties that were held there.

This is the inheritance of particular DEGERMANN salons. September 13, 1900, a brand new hotel opens its doors at 35 rue Buirette.

“Rue Large” was the name of that channel until 1873. Eugene Degermann, born in 1862 in French Alsace Barr still the time of his birth arrives at Reims as caterer.

Lacking room, he arranges with Victor Bernard, the agreement is not doing, Mr. Degermann finally bought the property and demolished it in 1900.

We are in full preparations for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, explodes then a new architecture: the “modern style”.

The new owner uses Charles Boesch, Reims architect born June 1, 1861, whose short career began in Paris in participating in the reconstruction of the City Hall burned at the “common”, it also owes the city Hall of Attigny, new cellars of GH Mumm champagne, repairs to the mansion of the family of Polignac, and were born Degermann salons.

The decoration was executed by the sculptor Charles Wari, Alsatian as its client …

The Degermann Salons 
35 rue Buirette 51100 REIMS


September, the time of harvest. Thirty people come gently pick the precious grapes of Pinot and Chardonnay, fruit of the work of a year.

October, the time of the uprooting of old vines, after about 40 years of care.

November – December, size, prepares a first draft of the work. The old structures are removed, leaving only the finest sized strands.

January – March, Saint Vincent patron saint of winegrowers is celebrated, the lapidary can begin. Secateurs are going well, vine after vine, vineyard after vineyard. This is the longest work of the year.

April, the vine is pruned, it remains to bind. Each size of strand is so attached to the linker thread.

May, the vine grows, we must now break the strands without grapes or pushing haphazardly to provide all the sap necessary to best bunches.

June – July, time trellising. The strands are separated from each other and retracted between two son that maintain them. In order to obtain a perfectly aligned hedge where each cluster benefit from the necessary sunlight.

A Champagne house where everything is made on site from A to Z is open by appointment at Rilly la Montagne close to the Rambler.


vélo électriqueEasy and managing your stress, visit the Champagne freely!

The electric bike you will discover the gentle vineyards and banks of the Marne!

Prices from: Contact the Tourism office of Hautvillers.

Headphone / yellow vest / bomb puncture / Clutch: Free

Departure rental Chevalée.
delivery service to Bichottes in Montchenot, Villers-Allerand: 0.50 € / km from Hautvillers 51.

The Chevalée
Bed and Champagne
53, rue Henri Martin
51160 – Hautvillers
Tel: – GSM:


Parc de la Montagne de ReimsLocated at the gateway of three cities full of history: Reims, Epernay, Chalons in Champagne, the Regional Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims cultivates the art of diversity.

The Marne river meanders at the foot of hills carpeted with vineyards. Here and there you flowery villages reveal their secrets: Romanesque churches, wash houses, typical porches …

The Champagne Route will introduce you to the high places of the region Hautvillers where Dom Pérignon “invented” Champagne, Châtillon sur Marne dominated by the statue of Pope Urban II, the lighthouse of Verzenay. Faux of Verzy: these mysterious tortillards beeches. And many other surprises!

A good restaurant in a rural setting ?

A museum or an authentic vineyard ?

A walk in small train or on foot, the vineyards and picturesque villages?

A mini-cruise on the Marne or the discovery of a magical world in a Nature Park?

An accommodation had something for everyone: Why not a trailer rental comfortable ?

HOME Champagne offers a wide range of benefits, from hours to a few days you will live unforgettable moments and discover tasty local products.



  • Reims Mountain
    A national park just outside the city Located just outside...



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