What is a GREETER?

Greeters are residents with a passion for their local area.

They volunteer volunteer to show it to tourists, sharing their favourite places, passions and anecdotes with them on friendly, free tours, or “greets”.

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Discover the Marne with a resident !

39 greeters welcome you, 4 English speaking fluently : the chatty, passionate Champagne Greeters take the curious on a voyage of discovery of their department. They invite visitors to discover or rediscover Champagne and the Marne in a new light, in a friendly act of sharing and exchange.

Walks in the vineyards, urban trails and tours of little villages offer an opportunity to discover the Marne from a different angle!

Greeters: what are they?

The concept of “Greeters” originated in New York and came to the Marne in the form of the “Champagne Greeters”, volunteer residents with a passion for their department. Each greeter offers to share “his” or “her” Champagne with visitors, welcoming them as they would a friend.

Keen to promote and develop tourism in the department, the Marne Departmental Tourist Board and local tourist offices and tourist information centres have put in place a greeters’ network.
The idea is that residents are the best possible ambassadors to present the places where they live their daily lives.

Greeters tours: how do they work?

The Champagne Greeters are not professional guides, but welcome visitors as friends, for walking tours “off the beaten track” to discover their town or village.

In order to preserve the authenticity of these encounters based on sharing and exchange, greets are for small groups of no more than six people. This means each greet is unique, depending on the personalities of the visitors and greeter and how they interact as a group.

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CABARET SECRETSCabaret des secrets

Your show 6 minutes of Epernay!

Beyond the pleasure of tasting the best wines and browse the larger houses, Cabaret reveals the Secrets of an exceptional site for release in Champagne or receive event.

In an authentic and far from the Parisian cabarets, we invite you to discover or rediscover a unique dinner show of its kind and “Made in Champagne”.

An elegant vintage, art, humor and gastronomy!

Site Information

Tel: 03 26 51 05 61


Trench to GermaineVISIT the TRENCH OF Germaine 14-18 Near the stadium, D71. – From 9:00 to 12:00 Situated 500 m, near the stadium of Germaine, a trench 25 meters long with shelter, was reconstituted for more than a year by a team of enthusiasts.

Every 1st Sunday morning of each month, until spring. Free admission.

Site Information

Tel: 03 26 52 88 81


In the department of Marne, no less than 122 events that you can find on the website:


In the guest room, you can taste and also buy the black grape jelly, fruit jam carefully selected for their taste: apples, pears, cherries, rhubarb, apricots, plums, strawberries, …. Fruit France only.

You can get free deliver these delicious products sector Reims, Epernay, Vertus. Read more


A cabaret in Reims “The Kabaret” welcomes since October 29, 2011 the best shows and the most famous. The “Kabaret Champagne Music-Hall” is the new show and restoration of Reims. Finally a place to measure your business and private events!

A cabaret in Reims
Review, vaudeville, magic, song, comedian, dancing … all accompanied by a delicious dinner. Every weekend of the year, marvel at the cabaret and its magical shows!

The comedy shows
every month, discover the spectacle of a comic artist confirmed and a young talent in the first part.

Concerts Reims
once a month, national or international renowned artists come to Reims, to meet their audience through an intimate concert. Discover incredible acoustic concerts!

Your conferences and seminars
Where to find a large room for rent in Reims? K fits all your business and private events.

“The K” ZI du Moulin of Scale in Tinqueux and


Les Fêtes Johanniques

 mai/Juin 2019

Jeanne d’Arc et son époque, le Moyen Âge revisité à Reims.

Des animations permanentes et itinérantes investissent le chevet de la cathédrale et son portail nord, jusqu’à la place du Forum : échoppes, fauconniers, auberge médiévale, tournois de chevalerie.

Le dimanche après-midi, l’arrivée de Jeanne et de son escorte à la cathédrale est suivie d’un concert de musique médiévale dans le chœur du monument.

Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims

Image flaneries musicalesMi- juin – mi-juillet 2019

Près de 100 concerts et les grands noms de la musique classique et du jazz illuminent les étés rémois.

Pour la plupart gratuits, ces concerts se déroulent dans des lieux prestigieux ou inattendus, comme la Basilique Saint-Remi ou les parcs de la ville.

Le concert pique-nique aura lieu le samedi 21 juillet au parc de Champagne.


  • Reims Mountain
    A national park just outside the city Located just outside...



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