Reims Mountain

A national park just outside the city

Located just outside the city, the Montagne de Reims (ʺReims Mountainʺ) offers hiking and even tree climbing. The parkʹs rich flora and fauna, as well as such unique natural treasures as the Faux de Verzy beech forest, are the result of varied soils and numerous exhibitions.

La Montagne de Reims is a plateau 288 metres high. Its soil is a veritable layer cake of chalk, clay, sand and limestone. Surrounded by the towns of Reims, Châlons -en-Champagne and Epernay, the park is a valuable natural area in the heart of a land completely transformed by the agricultural activities that have brought it prosperity.

The area shelters several species of large mammal, including deer and wild boar, as well as an unusual plant life thanks to the parkʹs uniqueness and diversity. Two new acrobatic parks within the forest make this area, already perfect for hiking and biking, even more aFractive.

The Champagne Tourist Route also winds its way through the park. The hillsides of La Montagne de Reims are, in fact, covered by the grapevines that have made this region world famous. The extensive vineyards, as well as the string of typical wine-country villages make the park one of Champagneʹs top tourist destinations.

Les Faux de Verzy

Les faux de VerzyVerzy Forest boasts the largest concentration of Fau beech trees anywhere in the world. The origin of this rare tree, with its especially twisted, knoFed branches, remains a mystery to botanists.

The especially slow-growing, longliving Fau beech trees greatly contribute to the parkʹs singularity.


  • Reims Mountain
    A national park just outside the city Located just outside...



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